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Neck pain is extremely common. Particularly in a society where people are accustomed to spending hours at a computer or staring at a phone, which places a lot of strain and postural stress on their muscles.

Nearly one in three people experience neck pain, and those with upper back pain or a slipped disc frequently experience it for extended periods of time. In addition to continuing to affect so many people worldwide, neck pain is also having an increasing impact on families, the healthcare industry, and businesses.

Prevalence is acknowledged as more frequently affecting women rather than men and is also quite widespread in urban cities such as Toronto. Studies estimate that there is a global burden of neck pain as it continues to limit activities and result in impairments. Treatment, proper evaluation and care are often necessary to heal neck pain.

How Does Neck Pain Develop?

Neck and upper back physiotherapy in Toronto

Neck pain is most often caused by tight muscles in the neck, jaw, head or upper arms. When these muscles get tight they may put pressure on the nerves that run down the spine. This is usually caused from overuse of the neck such as, holding it in one position for a long period of time, or also from sleeping incorrectly. Often people who are involved in motor vehicle accidents suffer from whiplash, which is the fast motion of the head moving forward and back. This type of injury can cause a lot of pain in the neck and can take some time to heal.

How Does Upper Back Pain Develop?

Upper back pain is often caused by tight muscles surrounding the base of the neck and upper back. This can be caused from improper posture, inadequate strength as well as stress and tension. The most common place to feel pain is the area between the base of the neck to the shoulders. The muscle that is often responsible is the upper trapezius muscle. Therefore it is very important to have a daily stretching routine and when you begin to feel tension, massage can sometimes help relieve the pain and tightness.

Common Injuries Involving Neck and Upper Back Pain

  • Muscle Strains/Sprains
  • Whiplash
  • Cervical Disc Injury
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries

Muscle Strains/Sprains

Upper back and neck pain treatment in Toronto

Neck strains can be brought on by a variety of factors, while sometimes caused by obvious injury such as slip and fall accidents or car collisions. Other times, neck strain is the result of poor posture, awkward sleeping positions and patterns, constantly lifting heavy objects and nerve compression.

The most commonly seen symptom with a neck sprain or strain is a sharp pain or stiffness that feels worse with certain movements and hinders your mobility. Neck strains can be frustrating as they may inhibit general function. Physical therapy is often necessary to treat and strengthen the affected area. At Toronto Physio we will identify the grade of injury and create an optimal personalized care plan.


Whiplash treatment and physiotherapy in Toronto

The majority of whiplash injuries are caused by auto collisions with abrupt acceleration or deceleration. When you are involved in a rear-end car accident, whiplash injuries are common. This is because it is typically impossible to respond quickly to the circumstance and brace oneself for the impact. Learn more about our motor vehicle rehabilitation programs in Toronto and Scarborough.

Additionally, whiplash injuries can also be sustained from a slip and fall, and can occur while playing sports, particularly contact sports. The duration of whiplash-related neck pain varies depending on a number of factors, such as the force of a collision.

Many people find that whiplash interferes with their usual daily activities, which might range from simple tasks like reaching or driving to more laborious tasks such as housework. Understandably, this can create a great level of concern; it is however essential to keep in mind that with a proper treatment plan and optimal care, one can recover from whiplash injuries.

Cervical Disc Injury

Slipped disc chiropractic care and physiotherapy

You may recognize cervical disc injuries by their more common or identifiable name which is “slipped disc injuries”. In these injuries the disc has not actually “slipped” but rather is teared open, creating a space for fluid inside to surround nerves in the neck and create intense pain. This pain can radiate through the arms and shoulders creating a numbness and tingling. Most cervical disc injuries are caused by one of the following:

Age: It is possible for a disc to undergo herniating due to increased wear and tear. The body loses water as we get older, which makes us less flexible. As a result, rupturing and herniating become more common as you twist, turn, or simply move.

Sudden movement and strain: A cervical disc injury can result from any kind of sudden jarring movement that causes you to quickly twist or turn your body including your neck, particularly in collisions/ motor vehicle accidents.

When a herniated disc happens, it can place pressure on neighboring spinal nerves (radiculopathy) or the spinal cord (myelopathy), causing excruciating side effects. It is important to have this pain treated with a focus on strength and mobility. Chiropractic and physiotherapy care are non- surgical option for healing herniated disc pain.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Neck strain physiotherapy in Toronto

Repetitive strain injuries arise from the continued or repeated use of a specific body part, such as the neck. When you work in certain industries such as assembly lines, hairdressing or computer work that require you to bend your neck constantly, strain and pressure can result in the area.

Another common cause for Repetitive strain injuries are playing certain sports such as tennis or volleyball which may involve jerking of body parts. The repetitive motion can create pain and tension. The symptoms of Repetitive strain injury can occur gradually and pain can range from mild to intense. This pain can arise either solely while doing the task or also while relaxing. Stopping or reducing the task often is not an option especially if your livelihood is contingent on doing the task.

There are, however, numerous treatment options to better manage your symptoms such as chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy and massage therapy. Massaging the affected areas can relieve the burden on the muscles, while physiotherapy and chiropractic care can strengthen the area and improve your mobility.

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